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Snap Compliance - Solutions

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AntiMoney Laundering

Snap Compliance AntiMoney Laundering, is the Platform that allows organizations to have a tool for Monitoring for the Prevention of Money Laundering.


Operational Risk

Snap Compliance Operational Risk, is the Platform that allows organizations to collaboratively define the inherent risks of their operation.


Maturity Assessment

Snap Compliance Maturity Assessment is the platform that allows organizations to measure the level of maturity of employees, suppliers or strategic allies.


Scan Agent

Snap Compliance Scan Agent es la Plataforma que le permite verificar de una forma fácil y rápido su cartera de clientes en listas de APNFDs (SUGEF), PEPs, OFAC, ONU, y más.Scan Agent is the platform that allows you to quickly and easily verify your client portfolio in lists of DNFBPs (SUGEF), PEPs, OFAC, UN, and more.

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